All I want is a little bit of clarity, and maybe someone here to share it with me
what a word could do for me, to take me from reality
To take the spores of time that spread beyond what we can see
that go beyond me, beyond our breed, and into eternity

But that isn’t clarity at all, because I still don’t know what’s going on
in fact, I don’t even know this stories connection or bond
I don’t know how this has anything to do with my song
cause I’m lost on the same road I’ve been on all along

I’m trying to tell myself a story that makes sense
but my brain is too stressed and my mind too dense
So I bruise myself cause I’m a mess
And soothe myself with recompense

I break away from prison only to lock myself in a house
could someone explain to me what that’s about?
Why I escape from the external drought
only to drown in my own self-doubt?

Now I’ll shut down this charade
unless you have anything more to say
but you’ll keep ignoring me anyway
so I’m turning the power off today.

Then perhaps you’ll see me in another way.

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