Everything and Nothing

He smiled and somehow there was a resounding sound

The vibration shook my heart out and onto the ground

I tried my best, though it was useless, not to remain so bound

But the feeling when you’re near me makes me want to stick around


God touched the floor that we walked across last week

It didn’t want us coming back unless we wore bare feet

Reverence is what this place deserves, and what we need to seek

Like finding the sound of music lost inside of our own heartbeats


We’re blessed, you and I, but it’s all been lost inside

God seeked us out, but we can’t see it with our eyes

We need translation, cause we can’t read it with this mind

It’s the purpose of our bodies that we were meant to find


I’m not even sure what we were supposed to find here

But maybe if you touch my face and whisper in my ear

I can find a holy place and feel you without fear.

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