Empty Expectations

Don’t waste time on those who won’t make time for you

Real friends are supposed to be there to help you pull through

Bullshit says they were busy when you needed someone to talk to

Excuses say that they weren’t there like you should expect them to do


So I’ll bite my lip in agitation until it bleeds

I’d expect something better when your friend’s in need

Expectation is the root of disappointment so don’t expect to succeed

Hope is the root of all expectation so don’t plant the seed.


I know this doesn’t sound like me, and maybe it’s not

But I try to learn from my mistakes and not get lost in the same spot

So while practicing forgiveness is always the best bet on your lots

Getting taken advantage of will always make you feel caught


I suppose the point of the poem is forgive but don’t forget

Giving second chances isn’t a safe gamble on which to bet.

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