Life Changing Decisions

A poem I wrote in 2011. Somehow relevance seems repetitive.

Life Changing Decisions:

To stay or to go, now that is the question.

To live with what I know, or leave on an impression.

I breathe and I blow, I live my life through expression.

I ebb and I flow, that’s how I’ll choose my destination.

The thought of you makes me warm, makes me smile.

Every time I think of you I wish I had stayed awhile.

I know there’s no pressure, but flame makes me agile,

So put the pressure under me, let me burn up in your fire.

But I can’t live for you,

We both know this is true.

So who knows?

When love will grow;

Or when I will see you again.

But we both know this is not the end.

-Holly Brown Bear

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