Come back home!

I was very blessed this week to have my friends from out of town come stay with me for the end of the year and the beginning of this one. It’s rare that we find a group of people with whom we truly connect with, that understand us in a deep and intimate way, and I have to say that I am very lucky to have that in this group of companions. Although I was secretly hoping they wouldn’t leave, I knew they had to. This is my cry for them to come back home… to moi!

Come Back Home!:

I feel blessed to have had you here, even for a short time

It can’t take very long for you to return, I’ve planted seeds in your minds

Of running away to places where mountains and trees are easy to find

With beautiful people, smart minds, good times, and where you guys are all mine.


Bring it back in a different form, where you all return to stay

As unlikely as it were, I was hoping you would never bother to go away

This is where you all belong; we all know it, let’s not waste another day

Because while you’re in Calgary working, you could be in Vancouver to play


Now that you’ve gone, you have a large quarter of my heart

Bleeding down the road beside your travelling car

Come back, dear friends, we could all be a part

Of the happiness that our union has brought


“Responsibility”, bleh, such a term

But I suppose it’s the one thing that helps us to learn

So responsibly plan, to responsibly burn

The tires, that is on the road that you’ve earned


Please come back safely

I’ll be here waiting

With my hope never fading

And my love never failing.


Come back home!



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