Vehicular Chaos

On October 8, 2012 I was hit by a car on my way to thanksgiving dinner. The whole experience was painful and scary. Thankfully there were no broken bones, but perhaps a broken spirit for the next few weeks. This is a poetic expression of my experience.

Thudding flesh on metal,
Bloody fresh, lost mental,
Screeching stop, the impact bent her
Screaming curses like bloody murder.
Tears from the driver, A shaking pedestrian
Soon you hear sirens and cars coming out for them
Surrounded by strangers asking if you can count to ten
And thrown into a vehicle with a hospital bed.
Scared and alone, you lay there and cry
Because you’re far from home and there’s no one at your side
But though it hurts real bad you know you won’t die
So you feel like the tears are a waste of your time.
Almost feeling tingles from the x-ray radiation
Or at least I really hope, so that will be my explanation
And not a sign that I will soon be needing operation
Soon the pain will pass with all the drugs that I’ll be taking. 
Good news, no break
Lucky girl for goodness sake
You know you really did escape 
A meeting with fates filthy hate.
So let me break this down for you
Instead of ten now it’ll take two
Years, that is, for you to heal
Which really is the best of deals.
Then I went home, bruised and sore
And lied down on the hardwood floor 
Looked above till I could stare no more 
Passing into sleep with a pain in my core
And a pang in my side because there’s no one to call for. 
-Holly Brown Bear
October, 2012

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