Irony Within the Prison Walls

This is the second poem I’ve written in my memorable life. It was actually a school project to write a poem based off of a short story about people in prison and how the guards weren’t aloud to show kindness or enjoyment, even during a musical performance at the prison.

Irony Within the Prison Walls

Suspense within the oppressive sound check wait

Predominant impatience overcomes the room
Sepulcher of a prison
Untextured walls will crumble
Voices mingle, hands rejoice
At the vibration of this sound.

As morbid feelings melt
Lethargy dies away
Sensational freedom wakes
As dread no longer stays.

Free captives now they are
But for a moment or two
Whilst captors still bound
Refuse to be allured.

Now who is kept within this place
With frenzied emotions but left a void face?
For the mind can’t touch
Nor hands can feel
Which the mind refuses to see as real.

-Holly Dawn


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